Where we realize it

We have found a wonderful location: The Nisdorf estate on the Baltic coast. The current owners bought it 27 years ago, refurbished it ecologically and turned it into an Biohotel with great attention to detail.

There is a spacious living and guest area, common and seminar rooms, gardens, a wellness area and it is very close to the Baltic Sea.

The house is ready for moving in, has spacious apartments for guests as well as a sauna and wellness area, a lawn for festivals and the like, and a small pier for boats nearby: all very optimal!

The previous owners have lived and worked here for almost 30 years and created a nice climate for their guests. The house broker has the vision to create a network for the revitalization of the structurally weak state of Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – and wishes to cooperate with us for this purpose.