What we intend to create

We want to create a place where deep encounter and touch emerge through our togetherness in community. Our intentional community, our work with nature and our being with visitors and guests we see as a contribution to genuine peace, development and healing.

“All actual life is encounter.” Martin Buber

Our community is becoming a venue for people who bear responsibility for a future worth living – and are ready to pause, presence, and new experiences. It is a place of encounter for real dialogue, new thoughts, a sense of home. Here people may experience: Truth and connectedness are not mutually exclusive. They need each other.

We will invite guests, experts and presenters on a casual regular basis to salons, small seminars and participation weeks. We are concerned with all topics of futurability, inner and outer peace, healing, resiliance and sustainability. Here – as well as in the everyday life of the intentional community and in the establishment of healthy ecosystems – we want our guests to share in the experience of aliveness, presence, knowledge and trust.

“Truth is the contact between life that perceives and life that is perceived.” Wilhelm Reich