How we realize it

After several months of looking at properties and houses, and despite sometimes great enthusiasm, there was always something that spoke against it. Here on the Baltic Sea, it sparked right away. But: House and land cost more than we can afford on our own.

And yet we are sure that we will make it. For three reasons:

  • Because it feels very coherent.
  • Because we have a global network friends, partners and supporters who know us and trust us.
  • Because we have a good plan.

Our plan for the implementation

We would like to conclude the purchase contract in the next few weeks and move into the owner’s apartment as soon as possible – initially with just us five people.

The apartments will initially be guest and seminar accommodations for our events and, in the high season, for vacationers. This will help us with financing.

Later, one of the two floors will become our own community living space, and the other will remain open for guests.

We founded the cooperative “Terra Nova Begegnungsraum e.G.” (as of June 2023), which will buy the manor house.

Some of us have inherited real estate that we will sell as soon as we can.

Some friends have already offered to take their money out of the bank and give us a low-interest or interest-free loan. If you can and would like to do the same, please contact us. We are mainly looking for loans of 10,000 euros or more.

We use the common rooms for seminars, Salons, constellation weekends etc. and will generate an additional income with it.

We will continue to work in our professions and invest the income in the project.

We will share our income.

We hope that we could inspire you and maybe even motivate you to support us – and from next year to visit us and participate in our events.

Please contact us soon – we want to sign the contract already in July. The more money we get from friends, the less we have to borrow from banks – the lighter the payment burden becomes.

If you want to receive future news from us, please notify us.